What to wear at your Maternity session

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Maternity sessions are a beautiful way to record the change of your body during such a momentous time in your life. Pregnancy is an amazing experience and once the baby arrives and as it grows up the images of Mum's bump will be looked upon with happy memories.

It is a chance for Mum to show of how glamourous her body has become and to help show it off the right clothing & props will be needed! I have put together a collection of pictures below to guide you on clothing for the session. Use this as a guide only, I want your session to be about you & what you like so please bring whatever you like & feel comfortable in!!

Tank top in black/white are perfect for showing the curve of the bump nicely.



Tight fitting dresses also look beautiful and show off the bump nicely.
Men can wear t-shirts or button up t-shirts but try and avoid big logos or writing on the top and chinos or jeans. 


If you have any coloured/textured scarfs/materials you like they look lovely drapped over your bump (also can be used in newborn session with baby wrapped in the same material!) 


Jeans with a simple tank top have a classic feel which will never date!


If you are lucky enough to still fit in them (without the button done up!) bring along non maternity jeans as they are alot more pleasing to the eye than the elasticated waistbands!

Tank tops are easily gathered up to expose the tummy more!


You don't have to wear white or black feel free to bring more vibrant colours into the session

Bandeu tops are beautiful to show off your pregnancy curves

Bring along any toys/booties which are going to belong to the baby (we can use them again in the newborn session)


This bunting is what Mum had brought to put above the cot in her little girls nursery, it looks beautiful!

I have these blocks we can use in the session.

Feel free to bring along some heels to bring a more glam feeling into the session, or keep it more earthy feeling with bare feet.
All hands on bump! Bring along all close family members for your session! and please be sure that everyones nails are trimmed and clean and if you are going to have them painted please try and keep natural colours.


If you have a pet, they are more then welcome to join in! This lady is simply wearing a black strapless bra with a long flowing skirt which shows of the bump nicely.

I love this shot of this growing family!


Little boys look fantastic with just their jeans on to match with mummy!

Just jeans for you and your partner works well for the shots where you are showing off bump with a simple bandeau/strapless bra!


As mentioned before make sure nails are trimmed and clean as they will be in pictures! :)

Dad of baby will be getting up close & personal to you so let them know!! 


Jewelry is welcomed too to bring in more interest to your images, but watches don't work for you or your partner so leave them at home or in your bags!


Make up/hair.... it is up to you! This lady below looks so naturally fresh and beautiful with no make up on! But we are not all this lucky! You decide what's best for you?

More material used to drape over, please bring your own material that you like texture/sheerness/colour of, it can be bought at any fabric stores by the meter and is fairly cheap! No need to sow the edges any fraying adds to the natural feeling and adds texture.

Material used just on bottom half here, it is upto you how much you want to bear? You can decide once you are here if you are not sure?! I have done many sessions and everyone feels different about their body, some like to have full nude shots (which I will not use in my advertising unless you give permission) I have seen it all before! If you wanted some like below but a little scared of getting undressed in front of me, I can always turn away/walk out of them room whilst you get in to position and wait for you to tell me when ready!

Sheer Materials are great for the nuse look without showing off to much!


Against the black backdrop, we can get some lovely low key shots. Bring some nice knickers in a variety of colours with you that show off your figure and fit nicely.

As mentioned at the start, this is a guide & I am happy to try any ideas you may have too!

Feel free to call me if you need any help!?


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