9 photos

Although you are getting all the images on disc/download I have to stress that print quality from retail photo shops or home printers do not do my images any favours, the people running these printers are not professionals and just let the printer decide how to print the image and the prints are never as good as I know they can be and sometimes even crop off key parts of the image.

When ordering your prints from me I use a professional photo lab to develop the images giving you the highest quality colours, sharpness & paper which my images deserve and will last for many years.
Another benefit with using me to print your images is so I can ensure the image will be suitable to any chosen size adding borders or more background where needed and sharpening to the correct size.

I do offer simple Black or White frames, but if you already have a frame, all I need is the measurements & I can get the image to fit it perfectly

As you have already paid me for the edited images my print charges are very reasonable.
Any size is possible but here are the most popular sizes.

Small Prints 6x4 £1.00 - 7x5 £1.20 - 9x6 £2.00 - 10x8 £2.50
Large Prints 12x8 £3.00 - 16x12 £4.50 - 16x24 £17.00 - 20x30 £24.00
Panoramic 10x4 £2.50 - 12x5 £4.00 - 18x6 £5.00 - 20x10 £15.00
Square 5x5 £1.20 - 8x8 £2.00 - 12x12 £3.50 - 20x20 £17.00