Kay Graham Photography | Maternity Photoshoot


Maternity Photoshoot

£220 includes 


At least 1hr in the studio 

Online Proofing gallery with at least 80 images to choose from;

15 high res images on disc (fully edited to your requests)


the 15 chosen images will also be printed as 7x5 inch prints



Maternity portraits are a wonderful way of recording how your body looked whilst you were pregnant, the best time to take these pictures is between 30-36 weeks.

What look and style of the portraits do you desire? Please bring any ideas with you that you would like to recreate (or email me links to any you find and I will add to my ideas), I will also have some ideas for you.

Avoid rubbing lotions on your belly before the shoot. You don't want the light to bounce off the shiny surface of your belly. Do,however,consider




moistursing your elbows and feet.
Your hands will likely be in the pictures, so consider a manicure, or at the very least, be sure your nails are trimmed. This rule also applies for toes.
Bring powder and lipstick or tinted Lip balm for touch-ups during the shoot. Bring your brush or comb and several changes of clothes.

Are you comfortable removing clothes & using arms/hands to cover breast in some pics or rather stick to all clothed pictures?

Best clothes for the shoot- Strapless bra/boob tubes with cute undies. Choose fitted tops, tank top and bikini top, something that accentuates the bust line and belly. If your clothes are too big, your belly will not be highlighted, and that's the main idea of these pictures. Bring a pair of (non pregnancy
) jeans and leave them unzipped. any scarfs/shawls or material you have
You may want to bring a few of your baby's things to hold in your photos. Maybe you have already purchased an adorable pair of shoes, someone may have given you something at your shower that means a lot to you, or maybe there is a family heirloom that you would love to memorialize in your pictures.
Allow at least 1 hour for your photo shoot, and try not to schedule anything for immediately afterwards. Most maternity shoots, like weddings, cannot be re- shot, so don't rush yourself! Enjoy yourself!

Please be aware that I am very good at airbrushing, so don't worry about cellulite, stretch marks and all the other flaws normal women have I can remove them if requested.

Children & husbands are welcome to the photo-shoot, however children will get bored! So I would aim to do family pictures & pictures with you and your partner done first so they can go off to park/shops whilst I get some of you by yourself in a relaxed atmosphere.

Please bring cash on day of photo shoot

If you have a maternity session with me I offer a £15 discount when you book baby for a newborn shoot

What happens after the session?





I will aim to get your proofing gallery up within 2 weeks, if it's going to take me longer I will let you know.

The proofing gallery will contain at least 80 unedited images, for you to choose your favorites from; once you have sent me your selection I will spend time on each picture to perfect it. ( My photoshop skills are very good, I can do pretty much anything you request!)

If you wanted more the the 15 images included in the price, they are £10 each included as digital image on disc & a 7x5 inch print.

I do offer discounts on bulk orders.





Your proofing gallery will be available to view for 3 weeks

If after 3 weeks I have not heard from you I will contact you to help you with your decision over the phone. 

Once you have made your selection I will get back to you with an estimated completion date (usually within 2 weeks) 

Once I have finished your chosen edits, I will ask you to check them before I order your prints & get your disc ready for collection

You get all images chosen professionally printed at 7x5, if you wanted bigger sizes I will let you know what additional costs would be 

My print prices are very reasonably priced & produced by a top quality professional lab, so much better than any high street print shops http://www.kaygrahamphotography.co.uk/printprices

Please contact me info@kaygrahamphotography.co.uk to get booked in, I do get booked up in advance so call as soon as you can!